About Coaching

Life coaching is a partnership between the coach and client in which the relationship continually returns the power to the client. I believe you already know the answers to the questions and challenges you wrestle with in your life, even if those answers seem hazy, hidden or impossible to put into practice.

My skill is knowing the right questions to ask and having the tools to help you access those answers within yourself. As your coach I help you discover what your personal “best” might be, and then work alongside you to provide the support, challenge and accountability you need to take steps towards creating the life you want to live. Your values are honoured in every part of the process.

Most coaching clients are healthy, successful people who are smart enough to recognize it’s wise to have another set of eyes and ears to help them discover creative approaches to the challenges and changes in their lives. No elite athlete would enter a tough competition without training with a professional coach, so why should you?

While I have been trained as a therapist and practiced in that work for almost 30 years, I don’t work with clients on past-based issues or traumas when I’m acting as a coach. If you start the coaching process and we discover that an unresolved trauma is what’s keeping you from moving forward, I will likely suggest you work with a therapist. Life coaches focus on present issues, and the client’s personal and professional goals for the future.

Curious about the process? Wondering if this is the right route for you? Contact me. I’d be happy to have a conversation and answer any questions.





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