How It Works

Setting up a coaching relationship doesn’t need to be complicated. I like to keep things simple, clear and transparent. We start with a phone or Skype conversation about the kinds of issues that you’d be bringing for coaching and we talk a bit about my approach and what I’d be bringing to the table. We see if it feels like a fit. There is no charge for this first conversation.  During this same call we also discuss what financial and other practical arrangements would look like if we were to work together.  I follow up the call with an email confirming those practical pieces.

Most clients find that they make the best progress by connecting weekly. Normally, that weekly session is of 30 minutes duration. Between sessions, and to keep things moving, clients and I are often in communication via email or text messaging.

The duration of a coach relationship  varies widely from client to client.  Because your agenda is unique to you, the shape of our work, and the tools we will use to leverage your agenda, will be unique to you as well.

I believe my clients to be creative, resourceful and whole, even when they are having a hard time believing that about themselves. With all of this on our side, and some hard work, living your way into change can be yours.

It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than this.

I’d be happy to hear from you.





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